Santa Anna’s manufactures authentic Mexican style tortillas, corn chips, and salsas. Santa Anna’s is the original and leading producer of naturally gluten free, non-GMO, certified organic corn chips & Mexican style products, using certified organic, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Organic Range

To unlock the nutrients in the corn, we soak it in calcium hydroxide, produced from natural limestone, which changes the structure of corn through the ancient Mesoamerican process of nixtamalization. We process the resulting nixtamal (corn cooked in lime water) the same way that it has been done for the last 4000 years: grind it with volcanic stones to produce masa (corn dough), turn the masa into tortillas, and hand-cut them before frying them into our golden corn chips. The final touch is lightly seasoning the chips with Oryx Desert Salt. Available in 80 g and 250 g packets.

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Signature Salsa Range

We are beyond excited to bring you our hand-crafted, preservative free, Mexican style salsas! We are adding loads of South African GEES with locally sourced ingredients, fire-roasted and smoky flavours, and a variety of heat levels. Our first three flavours are:

Tomato & Red Pepper
Smoky Chipotle
Habanero & Pineapple

Smash it with our corn chips and add some flavour to your fiesta dishes!

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Honest, Simple, Lekker! Range

Discover the unique snacking experience of Santa Anna's tortilla chips, now available in six exciting flavours. Each chip is crafted to a larger size, perfect for both snacking and dipping. Experience the soft crunch and light texture that makes our chips ideal for scooping up your favourite salsa or dip. From the rich creaminess of Cream Cheese & Chives to the bold zest of Barbecue, each flavour is a testament to our commitment to delicious, quality snacking.

At Santa Anna’s, our values of honesty and simplicity are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to using straightforward, trustworthy ingredients in our products, a philosophy we encapsulate with the word 'lekker' - delicious in Afrikaans, reflecting our dedication to creating not just nourishing, but also incredibly flavourful food.