Where does our organic corn come from?

We source our organically grown corn from Lowerland, a regenerative family farm near Prieska. The farm prepares a diverse mix of cover crops and puts it under high-density mob grazing by cattle to add fertility. Our corn is then green planted directly into the live cover crop as mulch. Lowerland uses only non-GMO grain varieties and fertility and pest control is achieved through cover cropping, natural and biological applications, and rotational cropping. Every May our golden corn is harvested, coated in diatomaceous earth for natural pest control, and transported to us.



Corn Chips

To unlock the nutrients in the corn, we soak it in calcium hydroxide, produced from natural limestone, which changes the structure of corn through the ancient Mesoamerican process of nixtamalization. We process the resulting nixtamal (corn cooked in lime water) the same way that it has been done for the last 4000 years: grind it with volcanic stones to produce masa (corn dough), turn the masa into tortillas, and hand-cut them before frying them into our golden corn chips. The final touch is lightly seasoning the chips with Oryx Desert Salt. Available in 80 g and 250 g packets.


We are beyond excited to bring you our hand-crafted, preservative free, Mexican style salsas! We are adding loads of South African GEES with locally sourced ingredients, fire-roasted and smoky flavours, and a variety of heat levels. Our first three flavours are:

Tomato & Red Pepper
Smoky Chipotle
Habanero & Pineapple

Smash it with our corn chips and add some flavour to your fiesta dishes!

Click here for more information about our salsas.

Organic Crispy Taco Shells

Our taco shells start the same way as our corn chips, to form tortillas, before being turned into our organic corn taco shells. Known in Mexico as taco dorados, this family favourite is most people’s first encounter with a taco. Popularized by American fast-food chains, these crispy corn shells are shaped and par-fried in organic coconut oil. All you need to do is heat them in the oven, then fill them with your favourite ingredients. Widely known as the inspiration for Taco Tuesdays.

Taco Seasoning

Joining the GEES familia
later in 2021!

Perfect as a seasoning for any protein! Be it vegan, or more carnivorous fare, our carefully selected blend of spices brings together a smoky, savoury, spiced goodness with just a touch of heat.

Organic Tortillas

This naturally gluten-free, ancient Latin American staple is where it all began. One of the first applications for masa (corn dough), this Mesoamerican flatbread, is a staple that supported South American civilization since the Aztecs. Heat it up and top it with your favourite filling! Check out this video if you want to know more!