Meet the team


Frik “El Capitan” Oosthuizen

One of the founding members of Santa Anna’s the incredible Hulk makes sure that Santa Anna’s stays afloat. Frik takes on the stress of dealing with finances and keeps all other departments on their toes. When Frik is not steering the SS Santa Anna’s, you will find him on the mountain biking trails around Cape Town or expanding his food knowledge abroad, returning with new ideas for recipes and products.

Piet Marais

The other founding member of Santa Anna’s, Piet is always looking for ways to improve our products to create the best possible corn chip. His inner hippy makes his ethos and commitment to sustainability and organics unfailing. When he is not trying to rid the world of weevils (which he firmly believes possesses the ability to teleport through multiple dimensions) he dreams up new products and spends his free time fishing and foraging along the Cape coast.

Eddy “Vercingetorix” Naude

After joining the team in 2016, Eddy soon became an indispensable team member. Besides his excellent management skills and next level work ethic, Eddy works his magic to keep our lines running 24-7 (literally!). In his spare time, you will find him trailblazing on his scrambler on one of the local MX tracks.

Malvern Murombedzi

Malvern is Eddy’s right-hand man and the man with the golden clipboard. Malvern ensures that systems are followed and that you receive a quality product.

Jolene Fourie

Jolene serves as the first point of contact at Santa Anna’s and manages customer relations and logistics. Jolene has been with Santa Anna’s since 2015 and is an integral part of the team, Jolene moonlights as inhouse psychologist, and part time animal shelter.

Lukas Chirambo & Masibulele Madikwa

Lukas & Masi are our delivery team making sure your product is delivered on time and on schedule. Lucas knows his Cape Town routes like the back of his hand and is responsible for beta testing of google maps


El Jefe





The most experienced member on the team, El Jefe keeps his team in check like a champion and makes sure every golden tortilla chip meets our quality control standards.

Director of Nixtamal





Director of masa makes sure our organic GMO free, golden corn is nixtamalized to perfection turning a lowly grain into a nutritional powerhouse.

Masa Master





The masa master oversees grinding the nixtamal into the dough that will later become a tortilla. With the eagle eye of an alchemist the texture and hydration are manipulated to perfection.

Tortilla Jockey





The tortilla jockey is our most skilled member on the production line. Making the Mexicans look bad he manages to produce over 1000 organic, authentic corn tortillas per hour, later to be turned into delicious tacos and corn chips.

Crisp Whisperer





Running our coconut oil kettle fryer, the crisp whisperer is tasked to make sure every nacho chip is fried to a crisp authentic crunch and seasoned to perfection.