Another twist on an epic fish taco recipe



8 x 100g pieces line-fish

40g Santa Anna’s Taco Seasoning (see lamb taco)

2 x red peppers

1 x aubergine

2 x red onions

4 x courgettes

100g x Santa Anna’s Salsa Roja

80g x shredded cabbage

1 x cloves garlic

2.5g x cumin

2.5g x chile flakes

20g x parsley

Juice of 1 lemon

15g olive oil

Salt & pepper

Picked coriander, limes and feta to garnish

8 x Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Tortillas, warmed


Toss the fish in the seasoning then refrigerate for 25mins. Roast the peppers, aubergine, courgettes and red onion on an open fire or gas flame till well charred. Roughly chop the vegetables then toss in salsa, olive oil and seasoning then set aside. Season the cabbage and set aside. Take the garlic, cumin, chile, parsley, lemon and olive oil then season and blend with a stick blender to form a sauce. Heat a skillet until very hot then fry the fish. Serve all the elements separately as a build your own or build them yourself and serve.

Serves 4 

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