Served on our organic, gluten free corn tortillas, this dish is quick to prepare, fresh and healthy. If your knife skills and multi-tasking skills are up to scratch, you can bash this recipe out in 15 mins.



10g paprika

5g cumin

5g onion powder

5g black pepper

5g garlic powder

5g oregano

5g cayenne pepper 

2 lamb rumps, about 500g

Salt to taste

200g shredded cabbage

200g pico de gallo (chopped red onion, tomato & chilies)

100g Santa Anna’s salsa verde or your favourite mild hot sauce

50g ricotta cheese

10 Santa Anna’s organic corn tortillas

Limes, coriander and radishes to garnish


Heat a griddle pan on medium high heat. Mix all the spices together then coat the lamb and season to taste with the spice mix. This mix is great as taco seasoning for any meats or legumes. Cook the lam on the griddle pan till the spices are blackened and the meats 58°C. Set the meat aside to rest then gather the rest of the ingredients. Heat the tortillas by dipping them quickly in water and then toasting them both sides on the griddle pan for about 20-40 seconds aside. Stack them on top of each other and keep warm in a clean cloth. Slice the lamb then assemble the tacos on a platter or serve on a platter as a build your own option.

Serves 4


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