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Lamb Rump Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

South African’s love lamb but were not the only country that regularly tucks into this unctuous, slightly gamey red meat. Mexican’s are quite keen on lamb and use it traditionally for barbacoa. Whole lamb roasted on an open fire then braised in a spicy liquid. This Taco Tuesday recipe speeds up the ...
Santa Anna's Tuesday 28 January, 2020
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Baja Fish Taco

The fish taco is arguably one of the most famous tacos to be exported from Mexico. Crispy, lightly battered white fish and fresh slaw wrapped in a soft corn tortilla with a tangy chili mayo with lime and coriander. ...
Santa Anna's Tuesday 21 January, 2020
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Nixtamal is an Aztec word used to describe corn that has been partially cooked and soaked with calcium hydroxide, otherwise referred to as cal or lime....
Santa Anna's Friday 04 October, 2019
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